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Trio Rodin. Enrique Granados. Chamber music with piano. Giovanni Mazzocchin. Ludwig van Beethoven. Late Sonatas, Op. 101-111. Duo Runya (Diana and Arianna Bonatesta). Recordings of Rebecca Clarke's viola works. Simone Stella. Complete works and music by Rameau, J.S. Bach, Handel, Buxtehude, Reincken, Boehm, Walther, Froberger... Duo Cammarano-Deljavan. Edvard Grieg. Violin Sonatas.




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OnClassical is an independent classical-music copyright-free recording label focused on solo and chamber music repertoire.
OnClassical's philosophy is that of providing the listener with unique programs played by extraordinary artists. Our recordings capture their playing on beautiful instruments, in perfect environments, recorded with top-of-the-line equipment.
A pioneer in online music, OnClassical has garnered accolades from critics around the world for its superb recording quality and audio clarity.


Technically and sonically perfect. - Dr. Michael Loos,, XII/2014




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There's no question that Stella has the proper Buxtehude style, which is to play with irregular meter and with the parts of both hands slightly out-of-synch much of the time, which creates a weird tension[...]. - Fanfare




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