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Alessandro Deljavan Farshi plays Schubert, Sonata D 850, Stuecke D 946

Alessandro Deljavan Farshi

Schubert, Sonata D 850, Stuecke D 946

Classical Music
Classical (1750 - 1820)
OC60C (-60)
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Album content

Schubert, Franz Peter (1797-1828): Drei Klavierstuecke D 946
Schubert, Franz Peter (1797-1828): Sonata in D major, D 850 Op. 53

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'He is one of the most interesting young artists I have ever met in my life.' (Fou Ts’ong). This recording is the beginning of a collaboration with the multi-award winning pianist from Pescara, Alessandro Deljavan.
The 'Three Piano Pieces', D. 946, were composed by Schubert in May 1828, just six months before his early death, and published with Brahms as supervisor in 1868. The Sonata D. 850 is one of the few with fast tempos that Schubert ever wrote. It's also known as 'Gasteiner' Sonata. To say the least, Deljavan's rendition is intense and dramatic, profound and sorrowful, bringing to life the sentiments of this composer who died at an early age.
The performance was recorded on a Fabbrini Steinway piano of the early 60's using Neumann tube microphones.

Details of Schubert, Sonata D 850, Stuecke D 946Info:
Year of release: 2012
The recording was made at Teatro di Pescara in 2009.
Time duration: 67:10
Size: 678 Mb (in .wav files)
Original resolution: 96 kHz * 24 bit
Original master availability? No
Dynamic range: ?
Sound quality: *** (3 stars = maximum)

Technical cast:
Sound: Alessandro Simonetto
Editing: Alessandro Simonetto
Mastering: Alessandro Simonetto
Artistic direction: N/A
(General) Production: OnClassical
Equipment used: Neumann mics.
Instrument(s) used: 9-foot Steinway D piano
Tuning: Fabbrini assistant
Photo/paint on cover: N/A
Art-work: ©OnClassical
Other notes: N/A

Original audio is copyrighted: OnClassical, © 2009


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