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OnClassical began in 2003 as the first Italian independent label for the distribution of classical music on the internet. It was also one of the world's pioneers in the utilization of the then new Creative Commons licence.

The philosophy of OnClassical is carried into the realization of all the various production phases: starting from the choice of musicians, the recording venue, the instruments and the equipment. It also includes the phases of recording, mixing, and mastering, and the publication and distribution of the musical product on internet within a frame of absolute prestige.

Amongst the first artists to believe in our project are some first-award-winners of major international competitions, such as Gianluca Luisi (Bach @ Saarbrücken), Roberto Plano (Cleveland), Maurizio Baglini (Montecarlo) and Luca Fanfoni (Paganini), just to mention a few.

The careful selection of recordings included in our latest version of the site has enhanced even more and turned it into a nook for audiophiles.



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