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Pablo Lentini Riva plays Le Tombeau de Monsieur Blancrocher

Pablo Lentini Riva

Le Tombeau de Monsieur Blancrocher

Classical Music
Baroque (1600 - 1750)
OC15Bnv (-102)
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Album content

Various composers: Works by C.Feury, J.J.Froberger, J.S.Bach, L.Couperin, F.Dufaut, R.Ballard, R.de Visee

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The logic behind the inclusion in the CD of the four tombeaux of Denis Gaultier, Froberger, Couperin, and Dufaut is revealed when we see to whom it is dedicated: the amateur lutist Charles Fleury de Blancrocher who died in 1652 from a fall down stairs. He was a friend and patron of the four musicians.
It is the modern guitar that brings us once again this music - once played on the lute of Gaultier and Dufaut and the keyboard of Froberger and Couperin - embellishing it with its own style and language.
According to French logic Pablo Lentini Riva also performs the second Suite of Bach for cello, adding a third instrument to change the music again. The feelings and emotions raised by the death of a friend are relived with expression and depth. The musician artfully uses all the instrument's possibilities to give tone and dynamism to the performance that fully adheres to the expressive logic of the era.
(Text added in February 2010) This new version of Le Tombeau De Mousieur Blancrocher, more ample, contains the only composition we know of this composer: the Allemande, L’Offrande. Other new tracks: the Suite No. 9 in d minor and La Plainte (Tombeau des Mesdemoiselles de Visée) by Robert de Visée and a piece by renaissance composer Robert Ballard.
This renovated album is an exhaustive collection of Tombeau's dedicated to Mr. Blancrocher. So don't miss it!

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Details of Le Tombeau de Monsieur BlancrocherInfo:
Year of release: 2010
The recording was made at Panoramix studio, Milano in 2005-10.
Time duration: 58:52
Size: 593 Mb (in .wav files)
Original resolution: N/A
Original master availability? No
Dynamic range: 12
Sound quality: ** (3 stars = maximum)

Technical cast:
Sound: Pierluigi Petris, Andrea Conti
Editing: Lucrezio De Seta, Alessandro Simonet
Mastering: N/A
Artistic direction: N/A
(General) Production: Audición Intíma
Equipment used: N/A
Instrument(s) used: Guitars by Roberto de Miranda and Santos Hernandez
Tuning: N/A
Photo/paint on cover: Photo by Ravages (flickr.com), (CC BY NC SA 2.0)
Art-work: ©OnClassical
Other notes: N/A

Original audio is copyrighted: OnClassical, © 2005-10


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