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Sonatori Fiorentini plays Diavolo e Follia

Sonatori Fiorentini
Antonio Aiello, Violin
Andrea Landi, Cello
Matteo Venturini, Organ

Diavolo e Follia

Classical Music
Baroque (1600 - 1750)
OC30B (-31)
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Album content

Various composers: Works by E.F.Dall'Abaco, B.Paquini, F.Geminiani, G.Strozzi, G.Tartini, T.Albinoni, A.Corelli

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This is what we can define a demoniac performance even without taking any reference to the subject of the disc. The three Florentine musicians are certainly at their ease between pulses and dynamic variety while always keeping faith with the text and the tradition of baroque repertoire. Lead violinist Antonio Aiello is a very gifted and refined musician.
Registration, as always, is 100% natural, and leads the listener to a real, thorough enjoyment. One of the best recordings by sound engineer Alessandro Simonetto ever!

Details of Diavolo e FolliaInfo:
Year of release: 2009
The recording was made at Chiesetta di San Miniato, Pisa in 2009.
Time duration: 57:16
Size: 503 Mb (in .wav files)
Original resolution: 96 kHz * 24 bit
Original master availability? No
Dynamic range: 12
Sound quality: *** (3 stars = maximum)

Technical cast:
Sound: Alessandro Simonetto
Editing: Alessandro Simonetto
Mastering: None
Artistic direction: N/A
(General) Production: OnClassical
Equipment used: AKG + Neumann mics.
Instrument(s) used: Violin by E. Gorr upon Stradivari (1709); cello by Anonym (London 1760); organ built by N. Puccini
Tuning: Nicola Puccini (organ)
Photo/paint on cover: LĂ©on Cogniet: 'Massacre of the Innocents', detail (1824)
Art-work: ©OnClassical
Other notes: N/A

Original audio is copyrighted: OnClassical, © 2009


OnClassical, © MMXIV