Schubert, F.: Piano Sonatas D 157, 960
Schubert, F.: Piano Sonata in D major, D 850; Drei Klavierstuecke D 946
Schubert, F.: Piano Sonatas D 958, 784, Allegretto D 915, Andante D 29
Schubert, F.: Piano Sonatas Sonatas D 664, 840 'Reliquie'
Schubert, F.: Music for flute and piano
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Schubert, F.: Sonata in B flat major D 960, Allegretto D 910, Moments Musicaux D 780, Hungarian Melody D 817 [2-album set]

Marco Tezza, Piano

Album(s): 1

Album catalog: OC17043-4b
EAN/UPC: 0/634065037284
Original audio available @ 88.2 kHz * 24 bits


Album content:

Schubert, F.: Sonata in B-flat Major, D. 960
Schubert, F.: Allegretto in C Minor, D. 915
Schubert, F.: Moments Musicaux D. 780, Op. 94 [6]
Schubert, F.: Hungarian Melody in B Minor, D. 817


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Pianist Marco Tezza recorded Franz Schubert's later works including the great Sonata in B flat major, D 960, and the 6 Moments Musicaux D 870. This stunning double album is the result of 30 years of maturation: the life span of the composer.
This is a 3-mics. recording (originally @ 88.2/24) where the mid microphone is a double tube. Prism Sound pres/converters.


Recorded @ Saletta acustica 'Eric James', Pove del Grappa, 2015
Sound engineer: Alessandro Simonetto
Equipment used: 3-mics (Neumann + Tube)
Instrument(s) used: Steinway & Sohns D-274 piano, 'Ferrari-O'
Photo/paint on cover: N/A
Artwork: OnClassical
An OnClassical production, ©2015


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