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: Archive : Conferences &amp; Exhibits (Invert order)
This is the list of all contributions published in this section, in chronological order.

By benny (on 01/12/2009 @ 09:00:52, in Conferences & Exhibits)

Next Saturday 5 Dicember 2009, starting h. 15.00, Rome / EUR, the OnClassical's founder, Alessandro Simonetto, will be interviewed by Marco Traferri at the important exhibit Più libri più liberi.

Other guests of the interview concerning P2P, iTunes & Internet: XFactor judge, Mara Maionchi.

More details: here.


Alessandro Simonetto has been invited to the Round Table of the First Festival of Digital Freedom, to be held in Vicenza. The 20-day long event will promote the culture of sharing information.

There will be present, among others, representatives of UnaRete, Copyleft Italia, Liber Liber, Wikipedia Italia. The conference will be entitled: The reform of copyright in new media era. Simonetto’s topic is entitled: OnClassical. Producing quality music and leaving it free?

The appointment is for May 22 from 3 to 7 pm at the Concert Hall of the "Arrigo Pedrollo" Conservatory of in Vicenza.

For the full program of events of the First Festival of Digital Freedom go to the official website.

Alessandro Simonetto è stato invitato alla Tavola Rotonda del Primo Festival delle Libertà Digitali che si terrà a Vicenza nei prossimi giorni: 20 giorni di eventi per promuovere la cultura della condivisione delle informazioni.

Saranno presenti, fra gli altri, esponenti di UnaRete, Copyleft Italia, Liber Liber e Wikipedia Italia. Il convegno avrà per titolo La riforma del diritto d'autore nell'era dei nuovi media. OnClassical. Produrre musica di qualità e lasciarla libera? ecco il titolo dell'intervento di Simonetto.

Appuntamento per il 22 maggio dalle ore presso il 15 alle 19 presso la Sala concerti del Conservatorio "Arrigo Pedrollo" di Vicenza.

Il programma completo degli eventi del Primo Festival delle Libertà Digitali è visionabile dal sito ufficiale.

By @les (on 11/11/2008 @ 16:56:26, in Conferences & Exhibits)

Next 29-30 of November OnClassical will be present at the Meeting of Independent Labels 2008 / AudioCoop. "The OnClassical collection": the CD's collecting our best recordings for each instrument, will be available at no charge (free offer).

We posted an event on our new facebook: here.


I am now completing the editing for the OnClassical demo: a CD printed in 1,000 copies that will be distributed at the next Festival della Creatività. I have been invited - as founder of OnClassical - to participate as a speaker at the festival, with the QuiFree association (which shares knowledge). OnClassical is actually a partner of QuiFree and these CDs will be given as gadgets.

Following is the list of pieces the CD will contain:

1 - F.F. Chopin: Scherzo no. 2 in b flat minor, op. 31
Gianluca Luisi, piano
Recorded at Auditorium Agnelli del Politecnico (Turin, 2005)

2 - G. Verdi: Quartet from Rigoletto
Luca Fanfoni, violin
Teatro Comunale of Casalmaggiore (2005)

3 - J.J. Froberger: Tombeau de M. Blancheroche
Pablo Lentini Riva, guitar
Milano (2005)

4 - F. Geminiani: Allegro (transcription by Th. Billington)
Stefano Demicheli, harpsichord
Villa dei Laghi in La Mandria, Venarìa Reale (2005)

5 - Anonymous Mediaeval Tune: The False Young Man
Elysium, female vocal ensemble
Church of Christ the King, Frankfurt (2001)

6 - L. Thuille: Piano Sextet in B flat major, op. 6
Fiati di Parma, wind ensemble
Auditorium Costa, Sezze, Latina (2006)

7 - D. Roccato: Riflessi (2004)
Daniele Roccato, doublebass
Marco Tezza's house, Vicenza (2004)

8 - J.S.Bach: Partita in c minor, BWV 826 - Sinfonia
Gianluca Luisi, piano
Auditorium Agnelli del Politecnico (Turin, 2007)

9 - Popular folk song: Schneegestöber
Don Kosaken Chor, male folk choir (I. Borko solo)
München in 2007

I have chosen pieces that are most representative of and the best recording for each instrument. Therefore, this CD will contain pieces that are currently included in recordings found at, and other pieces which I have recorded for other (traditional) record houses.

The choice of the egg as the main image on the cover is somewhat emblematic and enigmatic at the same time: first of all its colours are those of, and besides this, I simply find it humourous; and this might be a good way - and maybe a little provocative - to represent my idea of the site and its recordings.

I am thinking of a way to make the audio material free to all (maybe via the Internet Archive). By the way: you will be happy to know that many titles of our catalogue are already present on the Internet Archive (this URL: and that you may now download part of it in OGG vorbis files. Of course all of you may upload a webpage including our free previews (MP3 files)!


Last 2-7th July I was at the TMH, music institute at the KTH of Stockholm, to present my theory about automatic performance (.ppt/zipped).

I also had some time to explore Stockholm with Benedetta and to enjoy some relaxing walks and bicycle rides.

Benedetta in front of the map!

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