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OnClassical - The netlabel for audiophiles!
Online Classical Music in Quality Audio files


OnClassical is a 100% independent project dedicated to classical music online. Our philosophy grants you a lot of permissions commonly denied by recording companies or internet music stores.


OnClassical: a new way to think about music!


Perfect quality.
We distribute a selection of our best audiophile recordings, comparable or even superior to that of the major record labels.

Master files.
We offer you CD quality files (44.1 kHz * 16bit WAV files):
- you are assured that you have no distorted audio when you burn tracks to CD's;
- you have the exact copy of the master recording as it was originally produced.

Full & free previews.
You can listen to the entire albums before paying or storing, or even distributing and publishing our previews where ever you like.

Set your price.
You can decide the price of the download of our recordings from as little as 5.00 euros per album.

You have 99 days to download or redownload albums you purchase.

Use our files.
You may burn our music into CD, or create your Mp3/Ogg/Flac files for your computer or iPod with no further licenses.

Free album art.
You can download and print album covers without paying for an album.

Only the music.
You pay only for the music, not for packaging, graphics, critical notes, printing costs, shipping & handling etc.

Save your money!
You also don't pay authors' societies or middlemen such as producers, engineers, collaborators, agents, intermediators, distributors, advertisers...

Fair commercial.
You can license our music for films, tv, radio, internet or even as background music. You may bargain with us on the price before to pay.

Pre-cleared music.
You pay only for the music and enjoy it immediately with no royalties and no other hassles ever.

We do not track the use of our music either on the internet or off. Our music is all DRM-free.

Artists direct.
We sign contracts directly with our International First-Prize Winning Artists.

Artist's benefit.
For any paid use of our music you contribute 50% to the artist!

100% legal.
You are respecting the law: all music we publish is completely legal all over the world.

100% fair.
You contribute to and now have a new way of thinking about music.


OnClassical is an independent label for classical music, based near Bassano del Grappa (Italy). OnClassical was founded in 2003 by professional musician and sound engineer Alessandro Simonetto.




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