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Alessandro Simonetto

A tremendous natural talent.

—Eric James, Music Associate of Sir Charles S. Chaplin

Erik Satie:
Early & Esoteric Works
(3 CD-set)



**** 4 étoiles Classica
**** Pianiste


Leroy Shield:
The Laurel & Hardy Original Music

AEVEA AE16024 (limited edition / sold out)
AEVEA AE16024d (digital version w/ new tracks)
AEVEA AE190?? (coming soon)


***** International Piano
***** Mojo
***** Piano News
***** MusicWeb-international


Scott Joplin:
The Complete Piano Music

ONCLASSICAL OC18022d (digital version)


Coming soon!



Alessandro Simonetto is a versatile musician and music producer.

His preference for board instruments was clear when as a child he began to play as a self-taught pianist.

Alessandro started composing at a very early age. At 14 y.o. he wrote a cycle of Mazurkas inspired by Chopin. He deepened aspects of jazz composition and silent-film music, and became a close friend with Eric James, the associate composer of Sir Charles Chaplin, until his death. In 2000, a few minutes before his performance, James put a paper on the grand piano, and in front of the audience wrote: Alessandro is a pianist of immense talent and will surely make his mark on the musical profession [...].

After a long period without playing, absorbed by the activity of being a producer, and making over 250 recordings for various musicians and labels, Alessandro began recording himself at both the piano and harpsichord, and obtaining such acclaim from the critics as: The Suittes voor Clavicembel (Suites Op. 1) [BC94187] was nominated Recording of the Month by Music-Web International (Nearly eighty minutes of enormously appealing, high-octane invention superbly rendered by Alessandro Simonetto.). Furthermore his world première of Leroy Shield: Laurel & Hardy's Original Piano Music [AE16024], performed at the piano, was awarded (5 stars) both on classical and jazz/pop magazines worldwide (Mojo, Piano International, Teatro, The L&H Magazine, Intra-Tent Journal, Furore, Pözenkrant) and widespread @ radios worldwide (BBC, CBC/ICI Musique, RAI Radio 3, NPO, BR Klassik, IPR, Ouverture).
To end Alessandro's version of Erik Satie: Early & Esoteric Works (1887-1897) [AE16019], also including the world première sketch Chanson Hungroise, was widely reviewed (4 Etoiles Classica on others).
Passionate about ragtime, in 2017-18 Alessandro recorded the Complete Piano Works by Scott Joplin [two albums published in the early 2018 / OC18022d].

He is the founder of the digital label OnClassical.








Cover photo: © Enrica Pontin - Self-portrait [above]: © Alessandro Simonetto



Harpsichord music:
2011 - Bustijn, P.: 9 Suites (Complete Harpsichord Works) - Brilliant Classics BC94187
2017 - Mattheson, J.: 12 Suites (Complete Harpsichord Works) - Brilliant Classics BC95588 [2CD]
2019 - Paradies, D.: 8 Sonatas (Complete Harpsichord Works) - Brilliant Classics [?]

Piano Music:
2016 - Satie, E.: Early & Esoteric Works - ÆVEA AE16019 [3CD]
2016 - Shield, L.: The Laurel & Hardy Original Piano Music - ÆVEA AE16024
2016 - Shield, L.: Laurel & Hardy: Original Piano Music (1930-31, 1935-36) - ÆVEA AE16024d
2017 - Joplin, S.: 33 Ragtimes & Waltzes - OnClassical OC18022d [2CD]
2018 - Tiersen, Y.: Selected Piano Works - ÆVEA AE18048 (withdrawn at the behest of the performer)

2019 - Joplin, S.: The Complete Piano Music (Ragtimes, Marches, Waltzes, Collaborations & Tango) - OnClassical [To be released] [3CD]







Paint: Shallow Waters No. 2, oil on canvas by © Mark Demsteader [used w/ permission by the artist]


Simonetto is a super talented pianist with a deep love for the silent films. He had a mentor in Eric James, Music Associate of Charlie Chaplin. —Nick Luscombe, (BBC Music, 06/2018)


Simonetto's performance is lively and imaginative. [...] Simonetto's sound, especially next to the compelling flair of his performance. —Bradley Lehman, (American Record Guide, 08/2018)


Simonetto's performances carry astonishing power at times; at others, there is pure tomfoolery afoot. —Colin Clarke, *****/5 (International Piano, 06/2017)


Captivating and completely idiomatic performances. They are recorded, moreover, in very fine sound." —Rob Maynard, (Music-web International, 02/2017)


Simonetto fait sentir la profondeur habitée de ces pages énigmatiques, qui vaut bien les versions de référence [...] tout en y ajoutant une singulière quiétude, méditative et intense. —Romaric Gergorin, ****/4 (Pianiste/Classica, 06-07/2017)


Simonetto's interpretation is quite pleasant. The recording quality is excellent, with beautiful clear tone and deep and natural left hand notes. The sound is considerably richer and more natural than the CDs used as a comparison. —Roger McCuaig, (TNT Audio, 06/2017)







"A refined pianist" with a profound knowledge of the piano mechanism, Alessandro is the owner of two marvelous grand pianos Steinway D-274 that he tunes himself and prepares with the support of Steinway Academy's technicians.

In the years, he has recorded some of the most renowned musicians of the nowadays scene, including Enrico Pace, Gianluca Luisi, Evgeny Starodubtsev, Paolo Ghidoni, Aleksandr Lubyantsev, Giampaolo Stuani, Marco Fumo, Elisabetta Guglielmin, Simone Stella, Massimiliano Ferrati, François Dumont, Marco Tezza, Giovanni Mazzocchin, Gala Chistiakova, Daniela Cammarano, Alessandro Deljavan, Alberto Bologni, Lorenzo Cossi, Natalia Sokolovskaya, Giuseppe Bruno, Alessandro Taverna, Maurizio Zaccaria, Marco Grisanti.

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Photo [background]: by © Francesco Astolfi