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We are proud to announce the new release of the site. What's new?

  • Undisputed recording quality!
  • Super quality WAV files
  • Direct sales without middle men


What's new?


The new version (14 July 2007) of the site includes important changes! Firstly I am now publishing only recordings I produce by myself. Then I do a further selection amongst my better productions.

I'd like to point out that I am maniacally careful in the activity of sound engineering. The sound recording is at times executed with scrupulous care and attention towards the instrument, the location, and the final sound intended. Pros know that a single centrimetre or degree in the rotation of the microphones can be very decisive for a good recording. Moreover the mixing of an album is made with great attention and mathematical calculations.

However that's not all, for albums are now sold in CD uncompressed format (PCM/WAV, at 44.1 kHz * 16bit) to avoid problems tied to the quality maintenaince due to the eventual decompression of compressed files (as MP3, OGG vorbis) in the operations of burning-to-cd. I have often remained disappointed after a file has been transferred to a burner: though the compressed files were excellent, the quality of the original sound got quite a bit worse when the compressed sound was decoded to make a final CD. This meant that my work of capturing quality sound went down the drain. Instead, now at it is possible to download the exact copy of the master files as originally produced.

Alessandro Simonetto

Moreover visitors may now previously listen to the entire album, compressed in low-quality MP3 files (at 64 kbps * 44,1 kHz stereo), which are Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 1.0 licenced, instead of listening to one-minute-long trailer music files.

Under the new release, the site also contains some new features such as the possibility to print high quality art-covers and the grant of permission to use all files derived from encoding of the high-quality albums on own iPods, Creative and portable devices.


Alessandro Simonetto, founder of OnClassical


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