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OnClassical: A Technical Marvel in Classical Music Recording

OnClassical stands at the forefront of classical music recording, merging technical precision with artistic excellence. With a comprehensive catalog exceeding 300 recordings, the label showcases an array of masterful performances by acclaimed artists, many of whom are recipients of prestigious first-prize awards.

Technical Prowess

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR): OnClassical is renowned for its commitment to capturing the full breadth of musical dynamics. Recordings often boast an impressive dynamic range, ranging from 14 to 22, providing an authentic and immersive listening experience.
  • Audiophile Acclaim: Acknowledged by discerning audiophile websites such as HDTracks, iDagio, and HighResAudio, OnClassical's recordings are celebrated for their impeccable sound quality, meticulous engineering, and fidelity to the original performance.
  • Exclusive Naxos Distribution: OnClassical's success extends to its exclusive distribution partnership with Naxos of America. As one of the few labels in Italy enjoying this privilege, OnClassical's recordings reach a global audience through Naxos' extensive distribution network.
  • Digital Dominance: OnClassical has achieved remarkable success in the digital realm, amassing over 100 million streams on Spotify alone. This digital presence reflects a growing global appreciation for the label's commitment to excellence and innovation.
  • Licensing Triumphs: OnClassical has granted licenses for its recordings across diverse platforms, expanding its reach and influence in the classical music landscape. The label's compositions are featured in various media, contributing to a wider cultural impact.
  • Complete Works: OnClassical takes pride in presenting complete works of revered composers. This comprehensive approach provides listeners with a holistic understanding of the composer's vision and artistic evolution.
  • Top-Quality Recording Equipment: OnClassical ensures top-tier recording quality through the use of cutting-edge equipment and instruments. The label's dedication to technical excellence is reflected in the clarity, depth, and precision of each recording.

In summary, OnClassical transcends traditional boundaries, combining technical innovation with a commitment to artistic integrity. With a rich catalog, global distribution, and a digital footprint that resonates with millions, OnClassical continues to shape the landscape of classical music recording in the 21st century.

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